The Shamanic Zone (English Edition) por Ailo Gaup

July 17, 2019

The Shamanic Zone (English Edition) por Ailo Gaup

Titulo del libro: The Shamanic Zone (English Edition)

Autor: Ailo Gaup

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 18, 2014

Número de páginas: 340 páginas

Editor: Three Bears Publishing

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Shamanism is the name of the oldest known practices for power, healing and ecstasy.
Since ancient times a ‘shamanic belt’ extends from Sámiland throughout the whole of Siberia. The migrants from Asia brought shamanism with them to North and South America. The phenomenon has existed since time immemorial in Australia and on the big island cultures of the Pacific, and certainly in Africa, the cradle of human culture.

In this book you can read about the way and the wisdom of the shaman and how you can gain your own shamanic experience.

Ailo Gaup tells us about the uniqueness of shamanism, about drums and drum journeys, symbols and how to understand them, soul loss and soul retrieval, as well as the meaning of mythology, the moment of ecstasy, and the flight of the shaman in between the worlds.

This book also contains historic material about Sámi shamanism as well as biographical notes on his own travels in the shamanic zone.

‘Your personal relationship with nature can become the opening you need to get access to the world of the shaman,’ he writes.


Ailo Gaup was born in 1944 in Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino, in Sámiland, the northernmost part of Norway.

Personal interest and the calling from the ancient drums made him take up the path of the Sámi shamans.

Since the end of the 80’s, he has been teaching shamanism as a world heritage, based on Sámi traditions to interested groups and individuals. This has taken him to many places and countries to share what he knows and learn more about this world heritage.

His root teacher is Michael Harner at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies in California.

Ailo Gaup presently lives just outside Oslo, Norway.

He has published poetry and novels in Norwegian and Sámi. His work is translated into English, French, German and Polish.