Ancient Greece (Collins Gem) por David Pickering

January 18, 2020

Ancient Greece (Collins Gem) por David Pickering

Titulo del libro: Ancient Greece (Collins Gem)

Autor: David Pickering

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Reseña del editor From theatre to politics, no other single civilisation has influenced the Western world more profoundly than that of ancient Greece.From the roots of democracy to philosophy and mathematics, it’s fascinating to learn how much western civilisation has stemmed from that of ancient Greece. This book offers an introduction to the lives of the ancient Greeks, their mythologies and traditions and their culture and learning.With colour illustrations supporting a clear, informative and engaging text, this guide is a perfect companion for both adults and children alike.Includes:• Geography – map of Greece• History – the different civilizations from the Minoans through to the Hellenistic period• Religion – gods, festivals, oracles and muses• Mythology – Homer's Odyssey, the Minotaur, Icarus• Daily life in Ancient Greece – everyday life for all levels of society; the jobs, family life, leisure activities• Politics – democracy and the Athenian council• Learning and knowledge – philosophy, science,mathematics, medicine and literature• War – important wars; the army and navy• Greece Today – temples, archaeology and the monuments that can still be seen today Biografía del autor By David Pickering